Gatha for Repentance

Yesterday I practiced harm, but today I repent and will not practice harm.

I repent for today and endure my habit based longing.

I repent for this year and endure my habit based longing

I repent for my lifetime and gladly endure a lifetime of habit based desires.

I repent for eternity and enduring eternal temptation by my habitual desires,

To them I will throughout eternity say No.

I willingly embrace a day, a year, a life, and even eternal craving, grasping and hunger.

Abiding in silent liberation,  to my habit desires I say No once and forever.


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Choosing hell

I made the choice and cannot unmake it.
I could not accept the covenant, could not consume the sacrament.
I am sorry. I am grateful for the kind offer.
I could not enjoy the fruit of heaven while a single soul suffered in hell.
I will pay for my own sin. For forty days or for eternity.
The sin is mine and I shall pay the bill.
Besides this, damnation is just conventional wisdom, and I shall go with an army or I shall go alone and I will not return until they all can return. This I vow.
I shall not enter heaven until all beings can enter heaven.

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